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I help brands
Анастасия Лыткина веб-дизайнер
With deep analytics tools, I know how to bring profit to your project
stand out favourably

Anastasia Lytkina
web designer

in a crowded
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digital field

I create websites that win

international awards — competition for professional developers and web designers — an international platform for web design and development awards
#madeontilda — gallery of the best websites created on

My projects

Online shop for the US market
website redesign
Online exotic plants shop
I make businesses stand out
I conduct thorough market and
with analytics tools and meaningful visuals
At the beginning of co-operation, I conduct an in-depth interview. I analyse direct and indirect competitors, the target audience, identify the pains and needs of potential clients. On the basis of analytics I highlight selling meanings and write strong texts. This in-depth approach allows us to make websites that really work, create a positive brand image, generate revenue for businesses and remain relevant for the long term.
target audience research
I create a visual that demonstrates
the value of the brand
The foundation of meaningful design is deep analytics. That’s why I create all design elements based on research. With this approach, the design reinforces the intended meanings and works for the target audience. Without analytics, the design will be a picture based on the designer’s imagination. In the absence of photos, I generate unique images with the help of neural networks.
I Apply many years
of varied experience
for large banks and it-companies
to develop a website
strict with deadlines and agreements
Your website is my project. I keep track of deadlines. I keep you informed of progress. I aim to make my work bring results to my clients. Business processes, large-scale complex projects, deadlines and plans are not abstract concepts for me.
I strive for a healthy perfectionism. In my work I explore many theories to maximise results. I create neat design and pixel perfect layout. Constantly learning and improving my competences. I follow the trends.
Managing user attention
When designing the user journey I am guided by ux laws and ux research, I also assess how the user will interact with the website, under what circumstances, what kind of experience they will have and what emotions they will feel.
Creating a website design starts long before rendering screens. These are the steps we need to go through:
Analysing and structuring
Text prototyping
Visual concept
Design concept
Website layout
we will work
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