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In order for a website to fulfil its purpose and work for the development of your business and brand, we need to go through all the stages of development:


The first step before collaborating is to decide on the goals and objectives of the project. I ask questions about your business to draw up the task before it is carried out.
Then I will form a commercial offer for you.
a task has been set. I send you a commercial offer with a presentation of tariffs. You choose a suitable tariff.

Analysing and structuring

I do an in-depth analysis of your business, niche, competitors, target audience.
in-depth analytics, website structure.
The analysis is necessary for creating the structure of the website, writing texts, selecting references, compiling a moodboard.
I compose the structure of the site, which will contribute to a high conversion rate of the website.

Text prototyping

Based on this analysis I make a prototype of your future website, work out the meanings, mechanics of interaction on the website and write texts with a focus on the target audience.
prototype website with strong texts.
Without this step, it is impossible to create a website that will bring in customers.

Visual concept

I compose a moodboard, selecting references, fonts, colour palettes that will convey the mood.
consistent visual vector for the design.
This stage is necessary to create a customised solution for your business.
I align my vision with you.

Design concept

I draw the design concept for the first two blocks of the page.
meaningful design of your future site.
I present my vision, argue for solutions. This is necessary to calibrate the design direction so that you get the expected result.
After your approval, I proceed to design the rest of the blocks and pages. I present the whole design.

webSite layout

I transfer the agreed design to the Tilda platform. I set up appropriate animation. I create adaptive versions of the website for smartphones and tablets. I create technical pages (error-404, privacy policy). I connect domain, https protocol, install favicon. I connect feedback forms, CRM, statistics, Google analytics, payment systems. I set up basic SEO. I test the website on different screen resolutions.
ready website with all technical settings.

webSite transfer

You check the functionality of the website, accept the work. I give you instructions on how to use and make changes to the website.
you get not just a website, but a ready tool for business development and automation.

You can contact me for further support of the project.

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